Ashdon Magazine Article Autumn 2019

A story is told of an au-pair girl learning English, looking after the children of a family.  She discovered them in a place they were not meant to be.  Trying to sound like the children’s parents, she said to them, “What are you doing here on earth?”.  This is a very good question: what are you doing here on earth?  The Christian gospel has a very good answer, that is radically different to all the other religions and philosophies of the world.  Simply put, God has put the answer in us, in what is most important to us: the loving relationships that we have in our families.

When I speak to a family about a funeral, I usually hear about the life of the deceased.  As we talk over all they achieved, we recognise that, for most of us, the accomplishment that carries most weight is that we have brought up a family and have seen our children become healthy, happy adults with families of their own.  The Bible tells us that we are made in the image of God, and Jesus taught us to call God ‘Father’.  In creating us human beings, God has embedded in us what is most important to him.  He has given us the opportunity to be his children, and more than anything else, he wants us to grow up to have a mature, loving relationship with him.  And just like grown-up children and their parents, this relationship will grow and develop if it has genuine love on both sides.

However, as in human families, our relationship with God can hit problems.  We can remain as children and see our obligation to God to be simply following a set of rules.  We can find excuses to ignore God, when he does not do what we want.  We can be so concerned with our own needs and desires of the moment that we are unwilling to give him any time.  All these are the actions of young children and teenagers.  We love our own children when they are born and grow, but it is a real sadness if they don’t grow up.  With just a little thought, we can all understand how God feels when grown-up people stay as children in their relationship with him.

Church is a place where we grow together as God’s family; supporting each other as we discover what it means to be God’s grown-up children.  Do come and join us at All Saints’ any Sunday morning at 9:30am and help us in this process, you will be very welcome.

On Sunday 23rd September we have our Harvest Festival at 9:30am, followed by a bring-and-share lunch at 12noon in the Parish Rooms.

Do look out for invitations to a ‘Safari Supper’ on Saturday 28th September, organised by the Friends of All Saints’.

On 29th September there will be no morning service at All Saints’.  We will be worshipping together at the Baptist Church at 10:30am.

Every blessing
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